Spring Update

Hello and Happy Easter! Hope you are enjoying the sun and warm weather. Here is a short update for you today.

Global Healing Meditation, 6 April

Each month, on the first Tuesday, we get together on Zoom for a global healing meditation. We start off with some breathing and relaxation techniques and move on to Loving Kindness Meditation. Our aim is to de-stress and manifest a beautiful new Earth. Please join us! Tickets are only £2.

You can book on Ribbon or Eventbite. Note that bookings close 2 hours before the event. If you have any questions, you can email me via my website. See you soon on Zoom!

The Universal Law of Attraction

Back in December, over 20 of us got together on Zoom for a group meditation on Winter Solstice day, which coincided with the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Apparently, this was also a time when Earth moved to Aquarian age.

Although it has certainly been a bumpy ride since then, there has also been a new lighter energy on the horizon and some of you may have been feeling the shift. As energetic beings, we sense these subtle changes intuitionally, emotionally and even physically. I certainly have.

This is why I think that we should take advantage of this unique period in time to apply the Universal Law of Attraction to consciously manifest our desires both for ourselves and the world around us. On this note, I would like to share with you a simple tool you can use to map out your desires which might make it a little easier to bring them to life.

Get a piece of paper and draw a table with two columns. In the left column, write down what you want to have or do ‘if there was no limit to time or money’, i.e. remove all ideas of limitation, example, ‘health and conscious eating’ or ‘abundance’ or ‘love and connection’. In the right column, write down what this really means to you – in detail – literally everything that comes to mind! Continue with everything you would like to have in your life and let the pen flow. As you read your notes later, imagine what it would be like if you had those things right here and right now. Meditate on that. I found this exercise quite therapeutic and powerful.

Let me know how it goes!

P.S. We will build on this exercise when we meet on 6 April for a group meditation.

Yoga in the park

Spring has sprung, finally, and we can enjoy being in nature again.

One thing I’d really like to do is practice yoga in the park! Henrietta park in Bath is simply stunning and flat – perfect for invigorating sun salutations and grounding tree poses! I’m thinking of starting classes there as the weather warms up so if you’re in or around Bath and would like to join, please let me know. Times and dates to be confirmed.

Wellbeing survey

As mentioned in my last update, I am now running a wellbeing survey for women in the UK. So far it’s turning out to be really interesting and fun! (Thanks to everyone who took part.) I’m still keen to speak to a few more of you beautiful souls, so if you’d like to participate and spare 10 minutes of your time for an informal chat with me about your wellbeing routine, and share your views on yoga and meditation, please get back to me. This is purely a market research exercise, so there will be no sales and no commitment to buy anything – just a nice cosy chat with tea or coffee in hand. Kindly reply to this email so we can arrange a date and time. Thank you so much!

Cork yoga mats and blocks

Yoloha, the company that makes colourful yoga mats and blocks from sustainable cork grown in Portugal, has given me a discount code to share with you! The code, which is on my site, will allow you to have 10% off all the prices of Yoloha’s great quality cork products until 26 April. Why not grab your code and go eco shopping this weekend?

I have more discount codes on the Eco-Yoga site:

15% off YogaClicks (women’s and men’s yoga clothing)

10% Ekotex (yoga accessories)

5% off Yoga United (women’s and men’s yoga clothing and accessories)

Read about these innovative yoga businesses and check out their responsibly sourced yoga products. Visit Eco-friendly Yoga Gear.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday. And if you’d like to join us at 11.15am today for an hour of blissful yin yoga, you can still book on Ribbon. Remember, bookings close two hours before class.

May You be Well and Happy