Life coaching and coaching skills workshops

Whether it’s one to one coaching or personal development workshops you’re after, you’re at the right place. I coach women on getting clarity on certain aspects of their lives and helping them commit to and achieve their goals.

My workshops are on communication skills within a coaching context, and identifying personal values and life purpose using fun and creative methods. Read more under ‘experience’ below.

Visitors who may not be familiar with coaching or how it’s different from mentoring, can read my blog on this topic.

Who is the coaching for?

Exclusive Life Coaching Offer

I feel honoured to have supported women with clarity, confidence and determination to achieve their goals in the areas of: pursuing their dream careers, clarifying their personal values and life purpose, prioritising their to-do list, identifying and overcoming limited beliefs or unhelpful habits and committing to their wellbeing plans. 

I enjoy supporting people who are at a turning point in their lives – a time when non-judgemental listening and professional questioning techniques are most required. Therefore, I would like to work with women currently considering a change in lifestyle, new career moves or moving abroad to start a new life. Having done so myself, I am sure I would be a helpful sounding board.

Background and experience

I obtained my coaching diploma in 2007 from Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd having absolutely fallen in love with coaching and everything it stands for! I am passionate about coaching just as much as I am about yoga – I know the difference it can make in people’s lives.

For several years I worked in policy in government. This has helped me understand the physical, mental and emotional demands of office work and become a better career and life coach. Whilst travelling and living abroad, and constantly getting out of my comfort-zone, I also learned to be resilient and stay focussed on my goals.

As well as one-to-one coaching, I run group workshops on listening and communication skills in line with the principles of life coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Whilst in Spain, I organised creativity and coaching workshops on the beach in Costa Blanca which were about clarifying personal values and life purpose; and were very well received.

I am always keen to work with charity organisations. In the past, I have worked with a not-for-profit organisation to help their members get back into employment and had a very good outcome.

Free consultation

I have standard and premium coaching plans to suit everyone on YogaTrail and they all include a free no-obligation 30-minute consultation, an initial informal chat about your goals and expectations. Read all my reviews below and contact me to arrange your free consultation.

I coach via zoom and over the telephone. When it is possible to meet in person, I coach at a central virtual office.

Free resources

I am pleased to offer visitors to my website free self-coaching tools.

Below is a free downloadable slidepack from a workshop I ran on Facebook in September 2019. Learn about the key skills of a coach, differences from mentoring, what Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is – plus grab some free self-coaching tools.

Here is a useful self-coaching tool – the Wheel of Life to help with your personal development journey. Download, complete, learn, improve and test yourself again in a month’s time. Let me know if you have any questions in relation to the Wheel of Life or any coaching tools provided here.

In addition, you might be interested in my coaching blogs.

​Reviews on coaching and workshops

​”Fantastic workshop, Sossi used creativity as a tool to skilfully draw out solutions to issues I had previously thought were out of my control. Highly recommended!” Linda (Spain, 2019)

“I teach the subjects in this class but I always learn from Sossi. She has a way of totally engaging the students so everyone is wiser from her instruction and warm personality.” David (Spain, 2019)

“Great workshop. I liked going home with something I made and some new insights. An evening well spent.” Melissa (Spain, 2019)

“Wonderful, chilled out, thought provoking evening on the beach. Loving my pebble art. Thanks Sossi.” Teresa (Spain, 2019)

​​”I noticed significant changes in my attitude at work and towards myself and my capabilities following the coaching session. It has given me focus for today and for future weeks, in addition to a renewed enthusiasm in my work.” David (UK, 2014)

“I immediately felt in safe hands with Sossi.  Her approach was warm yet professional.  I left the coaching session with an action plan and a clear direction of what I wanted to do in my life.” Jaqueline (UK, 2013)

“Sossi’s skill lies in challenging your habitual and unhelpful ways of thinking whilst enabling you to objectively consider all options. Her empathy and warmth encouraged me to be honest, both with her and myself. Within days I had taken action and started to work towards my goals.” Olly (UK, 2012)

“The one-to-one coaching sessions I had an opportunity to participate in turned out to be very helpful as they made me realise how to improve the way I live my life. I was given a chance of looking on my life from broader perspective more objectively and thus was able to come up with solutions to some of the problems I was struggling. They also helped me to gain better understanding of myself and the way I behave in certain situations. Thank you Sossi for your time and energy. That was very useful experience.” Renata (UK, 2008)

“I had the chance to experience an interesting coaching session and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. I must say that in the one to one session we had I felt really well cared whilst treated with top professionality. The session as a whole consisted of all the needed parts for a positive and effective development of the actual situation. I can say I ‘ve been fully satisfied with it as I couldn’t ask for more!” Alessandro (UK, 2008)

“Coaching with Sossi was a real experience into the power of imagination…we had been through a job interview which then really took place the way we figured out…just brilliant!” Monica (UK, 2008)