Mindfulness at home


Hi there fellow wellness practitioner! 😉

We are indeed living in extraordinary times. On Government order, we are staying at home – working at home, exercising at home and literally doing everything at home – as we face a serious threat of a global pandemic, for the foreseeable future.

Some of you did mindfulness meditation with me in Spain and the UK, and asked me to produce audio classes so you can practice at home. I am pleased to say that I’m just about to finish doing this, with the hope that it will help you all to stay centered and grounded at this difficult time. I also plan to run live classes on Mondays soon. Please let me know if you are interested and what times are good for you (I’m considering mornings).

Meantime, I would like to offer you a short audio extract on introduction to mindfulness. I realise this may not be new to you, but as this is my first audio recording, I’d be grateful for your thoughts, please. Feel free to comment below or email me directly. All feedback is gratefully received. I will release a full version very soon. Enjoy.

UPDATE: A full version is now on my site: practicewellness.co.uk/classes with a full body scan (same one I do at savasana at the end of my yoga classes – if you’ve ever done yoga with me) and two mindfulness meditation techniques.


Sossi Yohannes

Qualified Yoga Teacher & Life Coach