Coaching vs Mentoring

What is coaching and how is it different from mentoring? Here is a brief explanation.

Life Coaching

​Coaching is a relationship where a coach uses a process of skilful questioning to challenge and support a client in achieving the client’s goals through increased awareness and understanding of the choices open to the client and a heightened commitment to taking action.  

A coach may have experience which is of interest to the client but far more importantly they have a collection of tools designed to release and build the client’s own abilities and insights. 

Coaching agendas can range widely from enhancing job performance to personal development and becoming more effective leaders, and typically cover a period of 6-9 months.   

A coach can be from inside or outside your organisation and the status (e.g. grade) of the coach is not a criterion for choosing a coach.

​These days, an increasing number of corporations offer coaching to their staff to help them with career progression, build self-confidence and maintain a good work-life balance.


Mentoring is a relationship where a more experienced colleague provides advice and guidance to a less experienced colleague.

Mentoring agendas generally focus on how the mentee can succeed and progress within their organisation or chosen career path and can often stretch over a long period of time.  

A mentor can be from inside or outside the mentee’s organisation and is almost always senior in status to the mentee.

Human Resources departments in some large corporations have matching services set up for staff and mentors. However, the best way to find a mentor is to approach someone you respect and admire, and most importantly feel comfortable talking to.

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​Sossi Yohannes

Qualified Life Coach & Yoga Teacher

26 March 2018