4-Week Yoga-Fit Course

This year, get on top of your fitness and wellbeing goals with my 4-Week Yoga-fit course – and get a whopping 50% off when you book by end of April 2020!

This course is for you if your goal is to:

  • begin or deepen your yoga practice,
  • improve your balance, posture, flexibility, and breathing,
  • reduce stress,
  • lose weight,
  • get fitter and stronger,
  • introduce yoga as part of a therapy programme for a health condition (as recommended or approved by a medical professional), or,
  • improve and maintain your overall wellbeing.

Together, we will review and set your personal fitness and wellbeing goals at a free consultation meeting with no expectation for you to sign up. The types of yoga I am offering are: vinyasa flow and yin yoga. I also teach pranayama (yogic/mindful breathing technique) and mindfulness meditation. And if you want to understand better the benefits of private yoga classes, you can read my blog.

Once you are on board, you will receive three 75-minute yoga classes each week at times that suit you. You will also get a one-hour weekly coaching session to help you stay on track and evaluate your progress. You can see a quick outline of the course in the yellow box on the right.

This special offer combining life coaching and yoga ends on 30 April and places are limited. From 1 May standards rates will apply. Details on course features including rates are below. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Contact me direct to enquire about or book your free consultation.


FREE: 45-minute consultation to review and set your personal goals

– 50%: Three 75-minute vinyasa flow and yin yoga classes each week aligned to your goals (12 in total, £22.50 per class, usually £45) £270 £540

– 20%: 60-minute coaching session each week (4 in total, £36 per session, usually £50) £144

FREE: 45-minute final review and feedback

FREE: 60-minute follow up coaching session within two weeks of your last class

Sign up for your personalised course now at the reduced rate of £414 payable in two installations. This offer worth a saving of £326, will end on 30 April. The standard rate of £740 will apply from 1st of May. NB. You can also choose a 6 or 8 week course depending on your availability and objectives. The same terms apply.

Contact me direct to book your free consultation or send an enquiry.

About me

I am a ‘Yoga Alliance’ certified instructor currently in Bristol, UK. I offer group and private classes in Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga and Pranayama (mindful breathing techniques) to students from complete beginners up to intermediates. For almost three years now, I have been teaching groups and individuals in Spain, the UK and Sri Lanka on a full-time basis.

​My mission is to share the boundless and amazing benefits of yoga particularly with people who wish to improve their posture, balance and flexibility – including those whose jobs require them to sit for long hours, e.g. office workers. I have personally seen the impact of regular practice on my posture, having been an office worker myself for several years. I believe that yoga is for everyone, whatever your age or ability!

Below are some of the reviews I received from customers on my yoga classes…

​​​​”I have been attending Sossi’s Yoga classes and have found the benefits to be amazing. I love Sossi’s gentle manner and dedication to all aspects of the practice. She encourages you to develop physical, spiritual and emotional well being through meditation, focus on breathing and physical exercises to develop flexibility and strength. Her classes are varied, and I always feel so much better for going. Sossi has a beautiful heart and soul who puts everything she is into her teaching. She is a compassionate and knowledgeable yoga teacher who understands not all bodies are built the same and provides safe modifications to enjoy the wonderful benefits of the postures. I always feel inspired and balanced after taking her yoga classes.” Zoe (UK, 2018)

​”Sossi offered lessons on the beach at sunset during the summer which was an amazing way to start the day filled with positive vibes. Her lessons were adapted to our level therefore we felt very relaxed during the session and were able to learn new postures as well as connecting spiritually with ourselves. She is very friendly and I would recommend anyone to take up lessons with Sossi as she is of great inspiration and genuinely cares about teaching.” Alicia (Spain, 2018)

”I arranged for Sossi to come to my villa to do a yoga session for myself and four friends. Sossi brought mats for us all and the session was fantastic. Felt totally calm and relaxed all day. Definitely recommend.” Lisa (Spain, 2019)

​​”Best Yoga classes ever! A great mix of stretching, breathing, balance, encouragement, meditation, a perfect workout for body, soul and mind. All in a beautiful setting on the beach of Altea. You are a wonderful teacher! Namaste” Claudia (Spain, 2019)

​​​​In addition to yoga, I am also passionate about life coaching. I obtained my coaching diploma in 2007 from Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd. As a coach, I worked with charity organisations helping their members get back into employment. I also coached several clients on identifying the right career path and life choices.

And here is what some of my clients said about my coaching…

“I immediately felt in safe hands with Sossi. Her approach was warm yet professional, and I was reassured when she said the session would not be directive, but that she would challenge me. I left the coaching session with an action plan and a clear direction of what I wanted to do in my professional life. Sossi seems to me to be a natural life coach, someone who is able to focus on the areas that we try to avoid, but need to be dealt with. She has an intuitive sense of areas in our lives that we may trip to avoid through fear.” Jaqueline, UK

“Sossi’s skill lies in challenging your habitual and unhelpful ways of thinking whilst enabling you to objectively consider all options. Her empathy and warmth encouraged me to be honest, both with her and myself, and her intelligent challenges directed my thoughts. I came away feeling confident about the direction I would take and encouraged by the progress I had made with Sossi’s help. Within days I had taken action and started to work towards my goals.” Olly, UK

“I got a lot from the coaching sessions. I noticed significant changes in my attitude at work and towards myself and my capabilities. The coaching has given me focus for today and for future weeks, in addition to a renewed enthusiasm in my professional work, and a strength and confidence to believe in my capabilities.” David, UK

Contact me direct to book your free consultation or send an enquiry.


Sossi Yohannes

Qualified Yoga Teacher and Life Coach