Pranayama & Meditation on Zoom

You are warmly invited to pranayama and meditation class every Tuesday at 6.30pm (UK time) on Zoom.
There are no more Saturday morning classes as gyms are opening soon and I will be teaching in Bath at that time.
Pranayama is yogic mindful breathing. Prana means life force (chi) in Sanskrit and yama means technique. It’s great for expanding the lungs’ capacity, improving your respiratory, circulatory and immune systems.

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Pranayama with Sossi

This is a quick announcement to all my wonderful subscribers. On Saturday 6 June, I will start new weekly pranayama classes at 10 am UK time. Everyone is invited.

There is no better time to get more oxygen into the body than now. With this terrible virus around us, the masks we have to wear, and the anxiety, we are breathing in less oxygen. Come top up your oxygen intake using pranayama and beat the stress!

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