Reviews on yoga classes and mindfulness

“Thank you for this morning’s yoga class I really enjoyed it, I like the way your classes flow. I always feel amazing afterwards. Thanks again.” Chris (Zoom, 2021)

“I really enjoyed the class last Sunday. It really helped my hip! It was also good to do it from home.” Lou (Zoom, 2021)

“Thank you very much for the free Yin yoga taster session, I have done mostly hatha yoga before, on and off for about 20 years, and it was great to use yoga positions that I was already familiar with in a very different way. I came away from the session feeling taller and moving more freely, and no aches and pains the next day! Hope to join you again soon.” Laura (Zoom, 2021)

“I really enjoyed your zoom Vinyasa Flow yoga class on Saturday, thank you! It had all the great attributes of your regular studio classes – clear instruction, careful safe guidance, well thought out structure and a lot of fun. I felt like I’d had some good exercise and stretch with the usual challenges on the way and can’t wait to sign up for the next class. Thanks.” Janine (Zoom, 2021)

“I had a breathing and meditation session with Sossi recently.  She knows what she’s doing.  Made me feel very comfortable and asked me questions to check how I was doing and how I found the procedures.  Will see her again.” Paul (Zoom, 2020)

“An excellent teacher! Sossi’s yoga sessions are always varied and flowing, suiting different levels of ability. She creates a calm environment to practise yoga safely and confidently. Sossi wisely and rightly often remind us in class that yoga is more than just postures. For me, personally, it’s definitely ‘a tool for living’. I always look forward to our Saturday mornings yoga sessions with Sossi!” Mari (Bath, 2020)

“Today I went to a wonderful yoga class with Sossi, and can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the teaching was just brilliant, with the true experience of yoga. I have been practicing yoga for more than 15 years, and I can really say that this class was brilliant!! I highly recommend Sossi.” Ivonne (Bristol, 2019)

“I felt so much better after just one class! Always feel better after your yoga classes! Calm and relaxed” Beth (Spain, 2019)

​”Sossi is my first yoga teacher and she was a real revelation for me. She makes a truly spiritual yoga without purpose on it, and I loved it! It will be one of my best experience from this year!” Elodie (Spain, 2019)

​”I arranged for Sossi to come to my villa to do a yoga session for myself and four friends. Sossi brought mats for us all and the session was fantastic. Felt totally calm and relaxed all day. Definitely recommend.” Lisa (Spain, 2019)

​”I started meditation classes with Sossi at the beginning of the year. I had never done meditation previously but I had researched a lot about it. I suffer a lot from anxiety and panic and had read that it would be helpful to me. It has changed my life around, I now feel calmer, happier in myself and am able to appreciate my day to day life more. Sossi is a fantastic teacher as well as a lovely person. I looked forward every week to my class and I really felt I have learnt so much from Sossi and am able to incorporate it into my meditation which I now do on a daily basis. Sossi has so much knowledge about meditation and mindfulness and genuinely cares about everyone in her groups. She often messaged me during the week to see how I was doing and how I felt from my experience in the class that week. Her communication is excellent and I cannot recommend her enough. Meditation is something which takes practice and when done regularly will have a big impact on your life. I highly recommend Sossi.” Catherine (Spain, 2019)

​​”Best Yoga classes ever! A great mix of stretching, breathing, balance, encouragement, meditation, a perfect workout for body, soul and mind. All in a beautiful setting on the beach of Altea. You are a wonderful teacher! Namaste” Claudia (Spain, 2019)

​​​”My yoga teacher Sossi showed me a more spiritual level to yoga which I’d never experienced before in my life, and I would recommend her classes to anyone who wants to connect to the universe.” Elsi (Spain, 2019)

​​​”I have been attending Sossi’s Yoga classes and have found the benefits to be amazing. I love Sossi’s gentle manner and dedication to all aspects of the practice. She encourages you to develop physical, spiritual and emotional well being through meditation, focus on breathing and physical exercises to develop flexibility and strength. Her classes are varied, and I always feel so much better for going. Sossi has a beautiful heart and soul who puts everything she is into her teaching. She is a compassionate and knowledgeable yoga teacher who understands not all bodies are built the same and provides safe modifications to enjoy the wonderful benefits of the postures. I always feel inspired and balanced after taking her yoga classes.” Zoe (UK, 2018)

​”Another great morning session of life giving wonderful yoga hosted by Sossi. Thank you for being so giving of your time and knowledge to everyone at your class. I always feel so much more alive afterwards. It’s a great way to start the day.” Gen (Ireland, 2018)

​”I got classes from Sossi in the mornings on the Altea beach. She really knows a lot about many kinds of yoga. I learned and enjoyed very much!! She puts focus on body and mind and adapts to the different levels in the class. A real professional that makes you HAPPY!” Mona (Spain, 2018)

​”Sossi offered lessons on the beach at sunset during the summer which was an amazing way to start the day filled with positive vibes. Her lessons were adapted to our level therefore we felt very relaxed during the session and were able to learn new postures as well as connecting spiritually with ourselves. She is very friendly and I would recommend anyone to take up lessons with Sossi as she is of great inspiration and genuinely cares about teaching.” Alicia (Spain, 2018)


​“I enjoyed amazing daily yoga classes with Sossi. She was always friendly and warm and supported me with all her knowledge and experience. I learned a lot!” Jule (Germany, 2017)

​“I loved listening to Sossi’s warm and relaxed voice while doing the yoga poses. That combined with the loving smile she wears makes it one of the best classes I’ve ever had.” Rianaca (the Netherlands, 2017)

​“Enjoyed Yoga with Sossi! Very enthusiastic and caring teacher.” Moj (Germany, 2017)

​”The yoga class gave me a lot of energy! It was the perfect way to get started for the rest of the day. Because I’m not a yoga-experienced person a lot of poses were new to me but Sossi first showed and explained the postures very clear. She also walked through the room to adjust some body postures, in that way you had a perfect view on some poses in one hour. Because of her positive approach Sossi got the maximum out of the group. It was clear to me that she teaches with heart, soul and knowledge. I would recommend everybody her yoga class because after you have a great feeling!” Tine (Belgium, 2017)

Reviews on yoga and walking holidays

“I just got back from We Love Yoga & Travel retreat hosted by Sosena, our Yogi instructor. I was a little apprehensive before joining this event, however, it’s turned out to be the best thing I’ve done this month! The itinerary was packed with great events such as great walks with amazing views, yoga on the beach or Eucalyptus park, connecting with nature, meeting new people and sharing some insightful experiences with each other. Sossi provided full Information for the retreat well in advance and during the event. She arrived promptly for each day’s itinerary, very engaging, attentive, and shared great and insightful teaching throughout the retreat. She was also helpful with providing tips on good places to eat in the Albir area (Costa Blanca) and its surroundings, transport connections and amazing cake and coffee shops! I would recommend this retreat to anyone. This was truly an amazing experience. Thank you Sossi for the amazing experience at your yoga retreat. See you next year!” Adenike (UK, 2019)

“Just back from yoga and walking long weekend in Albir and I highly recommend it. Sossi is delightful, accomodating and helpful, the classes and tours are most enjoyable. The hotel comfortable and food delicious. Dont even have to say the weather was wonderful with a breeze to keep us cool! Go….you wont regret it!” Karen (UK, 2019)

“Sossi was very organised and more than helpful with setting everything up. Everything ran smoothly and the location was scenic. I enjoyed the Yoga although the hotel I would advise to change as it was noisy at the weekend. Sossi is a very friendly person and easy to talk to.” Michael (UK, 2019)

“Great trip. Sosena appreciate the effort and thought you put into organising the trip, and staying open to changes too. Was great to explore with the group and get a feel of what the surroundings have to offer. Yoga on the beach is hard to beat.” Ruby (UK, 2019)

Reviews on coaching

​”Fantastic workshop, Sossi used creativity as a tool to skilfully draw out solutions to issues I had previously thought were out of my control. Highly recommended!” Linda (Spain, 2019)

“I teach the subjects in this class but I always learn from Sossi. She has a way of totally engaging the students so everyone is wiser from her instruction and warm personality.” David (Spain, 2019)

“Great workshop. I liked going home with something I made and some new insights. An evening well spent.” Melissa (Spain, 2019)

“Wonderful, chilled out, thought provoking evening on the beach. Loving my pebble art. Thanks Sossi.” Teresa (Spain, 2019)

​​”I noticed significant changes in my attitude at work and towards myself and my capabilities following the coaching session. It has given me focus for today and for future weeks, in addition to a renewed enthusiasm in my work.” David (UK, 2014)

“I immediately felt in safe hands with Sossi.  Her approach was warm yet professional.  I left the coaching session with an action plan and a clear direction of what I wanted to do in my life.” Jaqueline (UK, 2013)

“Sossi’s skill lies in challenging your habitual and unhelpful ways of thinking whilst enabling you to objectively consider all options. Her empathy and warmth encouraged me to be honest, both with her and myself. Within days I had taken action and started to work towards my goals.” Olly (UK, 2012)

“The one-to-one coaching sessions I had an opportunity to participate in turned out to be very helpful as they made me realise how to improve the way I live my life. I was given a chance of looking on my life from broader perspective more objectively and thus was able to come up with solutions to some of the problems I was struggling. They also helped me to gain better understanding of myself and the way I behave in certain situations. Thank you Sossi for your time and energy. That was very useful experience.” Renata (UK, 2008)

“I had the chance to experience an interesting coaching session and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. I must say that in the one to one session we had I felt really well cared whilst treated with top professionality. The session as a whole consisted of all the needed parts for a positive and effective development of the actual situation. I can say I ‘ve been fully satisfied with it as I couldn’t ask for more!” Alessandro (UK, 2008)

“Coaching with Sossi was a real experience into the power of imagination…we had been through a job interview which then really took place the way we figured out…just brilliant!” Monica (UK, 2008)