On the first Tuesday of each month, I organise a global healing meditation on zoom to empower and heal ourselves and our planet. Please join us. Book your free spot on Ribbon.

You may be interested in my blog on these meditation events. I would also like to offer all visitors to this site free audio recordings on mindfulness meditation below.

What is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness is the state of total awareness of the present moment. Mindfulness meditation is the use of a set of techniques to train the mind to focus on the now through breathing, mental imagery, self-awareness and relaxation. The benefits of mindfulness have been scientifically documented, and include stress and anxiety relief, improving heart conditions, lowering blood pressure and improving sleep. In general, mindfulness provides a sense of overall well-being.

Come to my meditation classes to learn different types of techniques. Learn about Loving Kindness Meditation, an incredible meditation technique in my blog ‘How to practice Loving Kindness Meditation’.

Free audio meditation classes

Enjoy the audio recordings below. If you wish to donate, you can use (or any other amount you wish – simply change the number at the end of the web address).

Introduction to Mindfulness
Become the Observer – Full Mindfulness Class
Breathing technique – Breathe to the ribs
Guided Healing Meditation – Full Class