Practice Wellness Loving Kindness Meditation

How to Practice Loving Kindness Meditation

One of my most favourite meditation techniques is the Loving Kindness Meditation (LKM). I practice it on a daily basis and find it to be very calming and effective. It instantly brings me back to myself and reminds me to appreciate myself. It also encourages me to be mindful of the thoughts I offer to people and the world around me. In that sense, it is a complete and profound mindfulness practice.

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Pranayama with Sossi

This is a quick announcement to all my wonderful subscribers. On Saturday 6 June, I will start new weekly pranayama classes at 10 am UK time. Everyone is invited.

There is no better time to get more oxygen into the body than now. With this terrible virus around us, the masks we have to wear, and the anxiety, we are breathing in less oxygen. Come top up your oxygen intake using pranayama and beat the stress!

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A deep dive into eco-friendly yoga products (Part 1)

Times are changing!

We are officially living in a generation where it’s no longer acceptable to purchase products for personal or business use without considering the environmental or societal impact.

It’s not acceptable to simply chase after cool brands that we now know use child labour to manufacture them. It is not worth paying high prices for shiny items made by low-paid workers who spend several hours in dangerous and harsh conditions. Thanks to the power of social media the world has finally awakened to the rather shady side of the retail industry.

We say ‘no more’.

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4-Week Yoga-Fit Course

This year, get on top of your fitness and wellbeing goals with my 4-Week Yoga-fit course – and get a whopping 50% off when you book by end of April […]

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Benefits of Yoga

Hi all! I hope you are out and about enjoying the lovely weather! My laptop is behaving today so I am able to draft something useful about yoga for you… […]

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Focus on Your Breath

Our topic today is the BREATH! First things first … let’s cover the basics. Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means ‘union’, i.e. union of body and mind. In practice, […]

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