Yoga accessories

Here you will find organic and biodegradable yoga accessories. You will also find up to 10% discount codes! *Click on the images to visit the online shops.*

Cork yoga mats

These natural mats are light yet ultra durable and high performing. Yoloha set out to the farms of Portugal to find the highest, most durable grade of non-slip raw cork. *10% discount code: EFYG *


Cork yoga blocks

These blocks are made with premium natural cork, sourced from sustainable farms in Portugal. Built to be extra sturdy, grounding, non-slip and safe for all postures, they can be printed with your design. *10% discount code: EFYG *


Cork yoga mat bag

This cleverly designed yoga bag is handmade using sustainably harvested cork which is naturally antimicrobial, easy to clean and durable. *10% discount code: EFYG *


The Bump yoga mat

The extra thick and comfortable eco-friendly yoga mat from Ekotex is a great choice for expectant mothers and those with injuries, especially to the wrists, knees and backs. *10% discount code: EFYG *


Spelt yoga bolsters

These bolsters made with cotton, linen and jute fabric were woven in the EU and handmade in the UK. They are filled with spelt husk grown in the UK reducing carbon footprint. *10% discount code: EFYG *


Organic cotton and buckwheat bolsters

These hand-made organic cotton and buckwheat bolsters are perfect for your restorative practice, meditation and general body support. *10% discount code: EFYG *


Natural sling and mat strap

Two uses, one strap. Carry your mat in comfort or assist your poses without pinching. Features soft and sturdy organic cotton webbing with stylish cork labels and double-stitch construction. *10% discount code: EFYG *


Cork yoga wheel

A simple circle with a surprising amount of ways to enhance your practice. From stretching and relieving pain in the spine and shoulders to assisting the safe advancement into deeper postures. Handmade from sustainably-sourced wood and non-slip cork. *10% discount code: EFYG *


Fairtrade water-resistant yoga mat bags

These great quality and water-resistant elephant yoga mat bags come in multiple colours. They are fully lined with zipped pocket and adjustable strap. They were made in ‘The Spirit of Yoga’ which directly supports and empowers the women who hand-craft their products in India. *5% discount code: W7YHMKRCA4N0 *

Yoga United

Fairtrade lavender and flaxseed eye pillows

These colourful, comfortable and soothing lavender eye pillows are perfect for savasana and nidra. Handmade in a fairtrade collaboration in India, they are filled with French lavender flowers and flaxseed. *5% discount code: W7YHMKRCA4N0 *

Yoga United

Singing bowls for yoga and meditation

Singing bowls produce sounds that invoke ‘clarity of mind’ and a deep state of relaxation that naturally assists entering into meditation. They are used for music therapy, meditation, yoga and sound healing.

Psychic Tree

Natural essential oils for yoga

Essential oils can enhance your yoga practice when used in diffusers, applied topically on pulse points or sprayed on props (mats, blankets and eye pillows, for example).

Psychic Tree